Quincy A. Chapman

Saxophonist. Artist. Educator


Quincy Chapman grew up in the Atlanta area, where he discovered his calling as a saxophonist at an early age. Coming from a family of musicians, Quincy got his start playing professionally early. At the age of 12, he began playing for church groups and as a fill-in for his father’s jazz group, “Solid Soul.” While in high school, he studied with jazz saxophone with Cleveland saxophonist Mariano “Mushmouth” Pacetti. In 2019, Quincy received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Jazz Music from Valdosta State University, where he studied with saxophonists Matthew Roehrich and Joren Cain. During his time in Valdosta, he has had the opportunity to play with several award winning artists.. His performances have taken him across the United States and to Europe. He has opened for notable acts including Rick James' original Stone City Band and many others.

He currently keeps an active performance schedule as saxophonist for the Atlanta-based band ‘The Royal Souls’ in addition to his own groups 'One Accord' and 'ColossusTheKid' and as a freelance musician throughout the southeast US. He has also created a number of arrangements for the jazz repertoire, as well as original compositions for saxophone.